Triund Hike

Yesterday we took a magnificent and very challenging hike up to a place called Triund. It was roughly 12 miles roundtrip with 4,000 feet of […] Read More

Gu Chu Sum

This morning we walked down the road to visit Gu Chu Sum, an organization that works with former political prisoners who have come into exile […] Read More

Dalai Lama!!!

We had the incredible good fortune of hearing the Dalai Lama speak! He opened a conference in Lower Dharamsala called “In the Path of Buddha […] Read More

Take off!

We take off in 30-ish hours now. I hope you all will follow this journey to Northern India! My job is to coordinate students from […] Read More

Tashi Delek

gracias . merci . grazie . arigato . do jeh . danke sehr . khop khun mak kha . spasiba . gamsahabnida . takk . […] Read More