Triund Hike

Yesterday we took a magnificent and very challenging hike up to a place called Triund. It was roughly 12 miles roundtrip with 4,000 feet of elevation gain. At the top, we could see the whole Dhauladhar mountain range, and it was stunning! We got to have a couple hours at the top and rest, eat a snack, play cards, and take naps on giant flat sunny rocks. I said a little happy birthday message to my mom at the top by a prayer flag. I hope made it through the wind around the world to you, Mom!

The weather was gorgeous and sunny and still. Last time I did this hike two years ago, it was very different! Then, it was snowy and icy. I remember sliding down many of the switchbacks coming back down. What a different experience! I think this will be one of our last sunny days for the week ahead…

Looking back towards Dharamsala (above), you can just barely see the Dalai Lama’s temple. It’s the white spec at the top of that center foothill.

The hike down was also challenging, but once back, we ate momos in soup and drank beer. It was all so delicious!

Today was the 28th anniversary of the Dalai Lama being award the Nobel Peace Prize. There was a huge festival at his temple followed by another festival down the street. There was lots of performances, dancing, music, and many speeches in Tibetan. Here’s a few-second clip below of a dance.


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  1. I heard your bday message so clearly, as tho you were next to me!! So proud of you and all you are doing and teaching and learning. Lots of love, Mom

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