Tibetan Children’s Village

This morning we hiked up the hillside to the Tibetan Children’s Village. There are about 1,500 children who live and study in this little village. TCV has a few locations across India and it is currently caring for over 10,000 children in total who have come into exile in India.

When the the Dalai Lama originally fled into exile in 1959, 80,000 Tibetans followed him, including many children. The Dalai Lama’s sisters were the guiding vision for the children’s villages which began in 1960 with 51 children.

We walked by several thriving garden spaces that the children tend to. All the meals here are vegetarian, and they have cows for milking.

We happened onto the basketball court during the end of recess.

We had just got back inside for a cup of masala chai, and then came the rain… After a nice hike going up with a short-cut off the road and up through the foothills, we opted to take taxis back into town. It’s a wet and grey afternoon here now, and it’s supposed to rain through Thursday. I suspect our hiking around will be halted a bit.

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