Gamru Village School Performance

This morning we went down the hill to Lower Dharamsala to the Gamru Village School‘s annual performance. A few of our students from DU have been teaching at Gamru for the past couple weeks, and so it was especially exciting to see the children they’ve been working with.

Every few minutes, a new group of children would rotate out from behind the curtain in matching costumes and choreographed steps to perform a dance. Parents, students, teachers, and school donors filled the outdoor audience. Hawks soared high above. It really was a festive morning of performances and music!

Gamru was started in 2004 to educate local children, most of whom did not have access to school because it was too expensive and far away. At the time, there was no school in Gamru village. These students are mostly the children of impoverished workers, and Gamru gives them a huge opportunity to get an education, meals and filtered water everyday, and access to hygiene facilities.

It was such a joy to end our week here and celebrate with the students!

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